Intonation improvement

If you read about my patented fretboard and ask yourself, what can be done to improve the pitch of your existing guitar, then I can offer you to correct its intonation. In severe cases, this requires a new fretting of your fingerboard according to my patent, but there are many possibilities before I have to do that.

In most cases (currently all my repairs except two cases) I manipulate the bridge inlay and the saddle. For this I use the invention of Konrad Schwingenstein which is described here. In Amerika his patent is used by someone with big success and is marketed as “buzzfeiten tuning”. With this method one can reach great results in pitch improvement by a relatively harmless “operation” on the guitar.

Here is a video, where you can see what I do:

So if you are not satisfied with the intonation of your guitar, speak to me and maybe I can help you and your guitar.